Nathalya Wani Sabu

-Head of Halo BCA-

I’ve known Grace as a truly intelligent, creative, and passionate call center and customer service professional.

She literally came to my rescue when I was first given the opportunity and challenge to manage a call center.

Her experience and her willingness to transfer her strategic knowledge and tactical experience really helped me in managing daily operations. She does not just gave high-level recommendations as most consultants would do, but she really coached the team through, leveraging on 15 years of her own operational experience.

With four Call Center Worldwide credentials and her Contact Center Indonesia banking knowledge, I am confident that 168Solution truly live up to their motto – Experience, Expertise, and Service Excellence through her personality and her team.



Oesman Suryata

-Manager Contact Center Permata Tel – Permata Bank-

“Grace who is fully certified CIAC, a registered coordinator COPC and Yellow Belt for SIX SIGMA has a significant contribution to the establishment of Call Center in Indonesia.

Through her company, 168Solution, she develops our skills and knowledge on how to run a Call Center, People Management, CRM and Leadership Business Management. Attending her classes helped me to improve our process which led to better performance”.



Ratna Yulita

-GM Customer Service XL-

I’ve known Grace long before 168Solution was formed. She is a truly intelligent professional with a sharp focus on customer needs yet a broad-reaching view of all business aspects.

XL has worked with 168Solution on several occasions. And we are truly satisfied with the results and the team’s flexibility in customizing contents to our specific needs.

My best wishes to 168Solution.

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